Happy Birthday Brock!

It is my wonderful brother-in-law Brock's birthday today! Brock is such a great guy and I am thankful that he is part of my family. He is one of the smartest guys I know and just one of those people who is so fun to be around. He makes you laugh and is just so nice. He is such a good father and a very patient one at that. I hope you have had a wonderful birthday Brock! You are awesome. Love you!

I found this picture that was taken on Rehobeth Beach back east.
We had a little family vacation back there. So much fun!

Happy Birthday Mom Gentry!

I have so much to say, I don't know what to say! I am completely blessed to have such a loving mother in my life. Many people don't, and I just feel so lucky. My mom is one of the sweetest ladies you will meet, and she never has anything bad to say about anyone. She is so talented too. She can play the piano so well. She is an amazing cook. And she is quite the seamstress. She made one of my homecoming dresses, made another one modest. She sewed all my costumes for when I was Belle in Beauty and the Beast, including the gold ball gown which took over 60 hours of work and 16+ yards of fabric. She sewed costumes for me for Crazy for You. She has done all the costuming for Feast of Carols and many more plays and musicals for the High School. She made my wedding dress with me living 900 miles away and made it fit perfectly. She also made my temple dress. These are all items I will keep dear to me forever, they are even more special that she made them.
I am thankful for the wonderful and spiritual home she brought me up in. I am thankful for the things she taught me. I am thankful for the memories we have made by the wonderful trips they took me on. I am thankful for her patience with me. I am thankful for her unconditional love she constantly showed me. I am thankful for everything she continues to do for me even though I am no longer at home. I love just talking with my Mom on the phone, whether it be for a minute to ask a quick cooking question, or whether it be an hour just talking about our lives. I can't do much for my Mom for her birthday, but I hope she knows how much I love her and appreciate EVERYTHING she does for me, and for Cameron and I. Happy Birthday Mom! You are the best:)

High School graduation, 2008.

Fourth of July in Boston.

My wedding day, with the beautiful dress she made me.

I love you Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom Jacobs!

Happy Birthday Mommy Jacobs! It is my mother-in-laws birthday today and I just have to say how extremely thankful I am that I didn’t get a crazy mother-in-law! You hear horror stories, and I just feel so lucky to have Carla in my life now. She is so special, and has been through so much yet still stays positive and turns to the Lord for everything. This has been a strength in our life, and she is just such a good example of always turning to the Lord for everything. In good times and bad. She is such a spunky and outgoing person and is just so fun to be around. She makes me laugh a lotJ We love you so much and are so thankful for all you have done for Cam and I. HAPPPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY!!

Happy Birthday Reed!

Is my oldest nephew seriously 14 today?! I remember when he was born and I was only 8 years old! I feel old now, thanks Reed. Haha. I am so thankful for Reed, and just how awesome he is. He is one of the most well behaved teenagers I have ever met! He is such a sweetheart, and always willing to help. He has quite a sense of humor, and is just so fun to be around. He is such a stud at all the sports, and is super smart. His name says it all. He is quite the reader. He has actually hidden books from his Mom because they were reading the same series at the same time. He's a trickster. Well Reeder, I am so proud to have you as a nephew, and I am so lucky! I love you so much bud, I hope you have a great birthday! I love you!

Aunt Bethany

Matching sponge bob pajamas my Mom made us...

A couple years ago... He towers over me now!

Another pretty dang old one.. Lily is rocking the Alaska and Me shirt:)

I stole this one from Miken, because I needed a recent one!
Handsome Reed!:)

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

It's Jeremy's Birthday today! Jeremy is such a sweetheart... He is always so concerned about those around him, and is such a selfless person. I am so thankful that I have him as a brother. He calls me randomly to see how I am doing, and those calls make my day. He is such a hard worker. He works so hard for his beautiful and wonderful family and seriously is such a great father and husband. Marcha is lucky;) Jeremy, I love you so much bro, and miss you! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Wow... My hair. :)

Sweet brother..

Kasey creeping in the background.

Beautiful family!

Happy Birthday Christian!

Christian Christian! I hope you had a wonderful birthday today! I love visiting Christian, and love when he visits. He is definiately the comedian in the family, and ALWAYS makes me laugh. I remember growing up and making him do "routines" for David and I, while we sat on the top or bottom bunk and he would just do improv comedy.  He is amazing at it! Christian is so talented! He writes music for a living:) He is amazing at the piano, and making stuff up on that as well. I feel like I can talk to Christian about anything. He is very open minded. He is an amazing father and has one of the cutest kids ever! I feel so lucky to have him as a brother and love him so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN!

Family Reunion at Disneyland...

This picture makes me laugh so hard every time I see it!
I had to put it up!

Family Reunion Pigeon Point 2008.

Stank! Pictures we took when we visited him in Boston.




Happy Birthday Kelemen!

My nephew Kelemen is getting too old! I still remember when he was born, and I just can't believe how grown up he is. This kid is one of the smartest kids I know, and has got quite the personality. He is so fun to be around, and gives me hug after hug after hug. He sure makes me feel loved...This kid has a laugh that fills up a room, and i just love it! I love you Kel, and I feel so blessed to be your Aunt! Keep smiling, and know how much I miss you and love you:)

At a beach back east when they lived in Maryland.

Such a sweetie!

And a character!!

And such a handsome boy! Love you Kel!
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