Our Big Day

August 21, 2010
“Today is the day I marry my best friend.” I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but when I see that on wedding announcements it is so cheesy and I can’t help but laugh. But it is very true. I love that I am married to my best friend. After 8.5 months of being away from Cameron and doing the “long distance” thing, we tied the knot, and he moved to California with me. 2010 has brought a lot of new things to my life. A lot of challenges, but I have learned so much. I am so thankful that I finally have Cameron by my side and am so thankful for the strength he gives me.
Our wedding day was perfect. Although it was not the exact situation we always planned for, it was still such a special day and we know it was the best thing to do. We were surrounded by our great families, and amazing friends in my Uncle Staff and Aunt Kaye’s beautiful backyard in Lehi, Utah.
I cannot thank everyone enough for all their help! Thanks to everyone who threw me bridal showers, helped put invitations together, spent hours looking for the right dress, Mom for finally making my dress because all the others were not modest and could not fit me, drove 10 + hours with kids to get there, leaving school and work behind, getting music set up, singing and playing music for the wedding and program, pitching in to help with decorations, preparing food, working in the kitchen, putting flowers together, making cakes, making the most amazing guestbook EVER, fitting tuxes, setting up tables and chairs, pinning table cloths down because of the wind, getting me ready, taking pictures, all to make that an unforgettable day for both of us. Thank you all for your love, support, and generosity.
I also want to take this time to thank my wonderful in-laws. You hear nightmare stories about in-laws, but I lucked out big time. This family is one of the strongest families I know and I look up to every one of them, even you Jackson and Lydia, being younger than me and all. Thank you all for your strength and faith in difficult times.
Now here are pictures from Charles Ellsworth and my brother David Gentry took some as well with editing by thee Mrs. Kasey Gentry. Thank you all for your wonderful pictures and really capturing the moment in photos for us. The Beth & Cam wedding album were pictures taken by David and the Wedding Part 2 are pictures taken by Charles.

Engagement Photos

My brother David took our pictures for us up in Provo Canyon during the time we were there for family reunion. His lovely wife Kasey edited them, and we are very happy with how they turned out. Thank you picasa for being amazing and making this easier to put in a slideshow.

Family Reunion Midway Utah, 2010

Cameron and I drove back to Utah together to go to the family reunion in Midway Utah after the big proposal. We had ping-pong tournaments, lit off fireworks, played guitar hero (what's new right?) stayed up late playing games with the family, and just enjoyed time with family in general. Here are some pictures.
Me trying to jump... Haha.

Miss Kasey and us.

Late night family games!

Candid shot which I love:)

Almost the whole family!

I love David in this one and Cameron picked me up not expecting it really. Haha.

Ping-pong stud.

Last day of reunion.

The Engagement!!

So this is an amazing story. I went back to California and it had been almost 2 months again since I saw Cameron and was going to be driving to Utah in a couple days for a family reunion, so I was going to see Cameron then. I had anxiously been waiting for this day. Since I left Utah we had been talking about marriage with each other and our families. It seemed liked the best thing for us so we started wedding plans. However, only one problem. I did not have a ring. I was not officially proposed to. I kept thinking he was going to be proposing to me when I got to Utah, but boy was I wrong. I had a few friends over for my birthday on July 20th, 2010 and we just talked and started a movie when the doorbell rings. We thought one person was going to be coming to my little party that we didn't want to come, so we made some evil plans that when the doorbell rang, Eric would answer the door and we would hide and he would pretend they got the wrong house. Well Eric answers the door, and says "Uhhh, Bethany, someone else is here for you." I go to the door and I see Cameron there! I was speechless, I was screaming, I was jumping and hugging him and kissing him. I was so amazed he was even there! He bought me some perfume and had it in a little bag and gave it to me for a birthday present. I was so excited to just have him there, I didn't care about the perfume. But he says "Oh, there is one more thing," and gets on one knee and says "Bethany, will you marry me." Of course, I say yes and we hug and kiss more.
This is the thing, Cameron kept saying little things like "You will see me sooner than you think," and I kept thinking that he was going to surprise me. I got my hopes high, but earlier on my birthday my brother David and sister-in-law Kasey texted me and said that they surprised Cameron at work and Cameron texted me then too saying how they surprised him. This was around 4PM, so I figured there was absolutely no way he would make it to California by the end of my birthday so I just figured I would see him in a couple days. Here are some pictures from that lovely night.
My engagement ring.

So these petals were in with all the perfume, well he decided to throw them all around us for cheesy and dramatic effect. Affect? Effect... I don't know the difference still.

Back Together Again..

6 months have gone by since we last saw each other. Cameron left for a mission to Independence Missouri, I moved to Roseville California. We wrote every week, sent packages often, and I had no idea how I was going to make it 2 years. Well, quite a few things came up and Cameron came home from his mission. He went back to Arizona, and shortly after being home moved to Utah to live with his sister Emily who was in a tragic accident which resulted in losing one of her legs. A couple months went by. Weeks of long phone calls and texts, and a few letters every now and then, and big decision making. Well I decided to drive to Utah by myself to see him for a weekend, I just could not take it anymore. So here are some pictures from that weekend.
finally together after 6 months.
He is always making me laugh.

Trip to Salt Lake City.

Talked about how we want to be like this couple:)

Saw the gorgeous Salt Lake City Temple.

Piggy back rides.

Watched a late movie and walked around Salt Lake more.

Jumping for joy...

It's a Long December

December was a very eventful and busy month. Feast of Carols, Christmas, Baby Blessings, Cameron's Birthday, New Year's Eve, and saying goodbye for what we thought was going to be 2 years. So I hope you are ready for a long picture post.

Dressed up for Feast of Carols

Christmas time:)


This was the only picture I found from our trip to Mesa for Emery's baby blessing and Justin's fairwell
Cameron and I drove down together and had fun with family.
For Cameron's birthday we went bowling and had pizza.

Our good friend Michael Dahm on Cameron's 19th birthday.

New Year's Eve consisted of all of our favorite guitar hero songs on all 5 games.
This was going to be the last time we could play guitar hero together for "2 years."
I wore those boots everywhere..

Our characters.

We got some glow sticks and other cool stuff for new years.

Happy 2010! Who knew what this year would bring!

My last night in Arizona before moving to California and being away from Cameron
for 2 years. Yes we all put make-up on each other. I look like a dirty homeless person.
Please don't ask why we made this our last activity... I still don't know why.
One of our last pictures together:(

Lake Time!

We went to the lake with Cameron's family and it was a blast. I went waterskiing for the first time and we did some tubing... I just have to mention that I was better at water skiing than Cameron because it is very rare that I am better at things then him. Okay, okay, it's easier for me to get up since the boat just pulled me right up:)

Me getting up! Woohoo.

Cameron floating:) Haha.

Cameron and his younger siblings on the tube.

Getting ready to go home.

Results of tubing for me. Ouch...

This Is Us.. Ridiculously Goofy.

Seriously, this is just us... We love to take pictures and a million of them at a time. We like to make the ugliest and goofiest faces possible. Enjoy...

We made these shirts for the Harry Potter midnight premiere. 

This was our jumping picture and I want to clarify something about my hand placement. I am 3 feet in front of him. Haha.
We were recently married on August 21, 2010 We started this blog as more of a journal for us to look back at all the good times. No matter what life brings us we are in this together and we couldn't be more happy about it. We are better together.
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