Happy Birthday Joe!

My sweet little nephew Joe turned 6 today(I think, I can't keep track of everyone anymore).  I cannot believe how grown up he is because I remember when he was born! Joe is so fun to be around and is such an obedient little kid! He loves his Uncle Cameron (I have to admit I am a little jealous because if I would go to their house without Cameron, he would always ask where he was, and didn’t seem so interested that I was there without him.) He loves to play Wii with Uncle Cameron and loves to make jokes. I am so thankful for the joy he brings to me, and I feel so lucky that I live so close to him, yet I don’t get to see him as often as I wish I should! I hope you have a wonderful birthday Joefis J Aunt Bethany and Uncle Cameron love you so much!

These are the only pictures I could find of Joe and I together. They were taken I think 3 years ago. We had lots of fun taking all these....
Sad face... I love Joe's "puppy dog pose"


This was supposed to be our spiderman pose. We both loved him!

He is cute as a button. Love you Joe!

Happy Birthday David James!

It's David's special day today! I have been thinking about this post for a while, because I don't really know how  to put all the nice and wonderful things about David into one blog post. He is my best friend, and hero, and he has ALWAYS been there for me. We were the last two kids at home, and I am so thankful for those years we had together. It really brought us close and I just feel like I can talk to him about anything and everything. David is one of the most talented, hardworking, and nicest people I know. The brains, he's got them! A kind heart, he's got it. Athleticism, he's got it. He is a great husband to the wonderful Kasey Gentry and a great father. I love seeing him with his sweet and adorable kids. I am just so thankful to have such a great example in my life. I love you Beavey, I hope you have a great, great birthday! Here are some pictures that I found on my computer, but I know we have tons, tons more!
New York forever ago.


The beach!

He is going to kill me for this picture, but it cracks me up. Hahaha.

Visiting him in Mesa..

Went to Disneyland with Kasey and Justin. So much fun!

California Adventure..

Party at the Firepit...

Visiting his new house in Vegas.

My wedding day August of 2010. 

Our Second Wedding Day!

It's not very often you get to get married to the same man twice, and wear the same beautiful wedding dress. Cameron and I were sealed together for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Utah Temple on Friday September 2, 2011. We set a goal a year ago to be in the temple in exactly a year, and we made that goal. We told ourselves we weren't "officially" married until we were sealed... It was so special, and I was overwhelmed by the wonderful support from all the family who traveled near and far to be there... A big thanks to all those who helped with everything to make this such a special day. I love you all!
My brother David took some pictures for us for us, and I am so thankful for that. You can tell that we had been crying in some of them, but I still love them. Thanks Dave!

Hair Flip!

Love my dress... My Mom made it for me a year ago, and
I am so happy I got to wear it again<3

Where's David?

There he is!!

Sweet Libby...

Cute Emery, and silly Cam.

Beautiful Kasey and precious Rivers<3

Troll Bethany...

This was definitely a real laughing picture... I like it. Haha.
What a special day that we will always, always remember... I love you Cameron. We are officially married. It just feels more real, and complete<3

Sacramento Temple

I went through the temple for the first time on August 27th. My Mom flew out from Arizona, and Cameron's Mom Carla drove out from Utah. Here are some pictures that were taken on this very special day of ours...

We were recently married on August 21, 2010 We started this blog as more of a journal for us to look back at all the good times. No matter what life brings us we are in this together and we couldn't be more happy about it. We are better together.
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