2010 In a Nutshell...

January- Said goodbye to Show Low, and to Cameron. He left on his mission to Independence Missouri. I drove my new little car to Roseville, California to live with my sister Julianne, her husband Brad, and 4 little kids. Started a new semester of school, ran for Vice President of Student Council at my school and got the position. Spent the whole month looking for a job.
February- After applying for 36 jobs, I finally got one in Fair Oaks at Cummins Insurance Agency/Valley Sierra Insurance as a full-time receptionist. I went to see Jack's Mannequin and Fun in concert at Sac. State.
March- Finished up a semester of school and got my first calling in the single's ward. I was the relief society chorister.
April- Started a new semester of school. Started going to institute Wednesday nights. Cameron came home from his mission.
May- Moved with Julianne and Brad into another house. Drove to Utah by myself to see Cameron the end of this month. Passed my 80-100 Speed Class. Moved into the 100-120 speed class. Got bit by a tick... Haha.
June- I am called to be the gospel principles teacher in the single's ward. Also, Cameron and I make the decision to get married in August so wedding plans begin.
July- I turn 21, and on my birthday, Cameron drives from Utah to "officially" propose to me. Gentry Family reunion in Midway Utah.
August- Cameron and I were married on August 21st, we moved into our apartment on August 25th, the hottest day of summer.
September-Cameron spent this month applying for jobs. He applied for over 30 jobs, and heard nothing back this whole month.
October- Cameron got a job at ISU Francis-Pinney Insurance Agency as the "Personal and Commercial Assistant Account Manager." Cameron and I went to Oakland and San Francisco to see Anberlin, Crash Kings, and Civil Twilight play in concert. I sang at Big "I" Day
November-Our first Thanksgiving together spent with the Daytons. Also, a lot of shopping preparing for our trip to Arizona.
December-Work Christmas parties, iPhones, finals, stomach ulcer, flew to Arizona to spend Christmas with family, Cameron turns 20, Cameron gets the new Windows phone, and now we are getting ready to bring in the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE!!

Happy Birthday Berkeley!

My little nephew Berkeley turns 2 today! No, I do not know him as well as I wish I did. He lives in Boston Massachusetts and I have only seen him twice in the two years he's been here. I just know he is one of the cutest kids around and he adores Elmo. He is getting in-tune with his musical side just like his Daddy, Christian. I spent a couple weeks with him last summer in Boston, and I just remember him being so happy ALL the time. He had this cute little nose scrunch he would always do, and you couldn't help but smile every time you looked at him. Here is sweet little Berkeley through the years.  Happy Birthday Bud.

Happy Birthday Perfect Husband!!

So I do not know where to even start with Cameron Benjamin Jacobs. It may be cliche to say that "he completes me." But it is so true. Where in the world would I be without him? We have been through so much together and have grown so much because of it. Cameron and I have now been married over 4 months. Every day the last 4 months, I have fallen more and more in love with him. The way he can make me smile no matter how grouchy or frustrated I am. The only time we argue is when we beat each other in video games. My favorite thing ever is when I may fall asleep before him and he comes in and just kisses me on my cheek and will tell me how much he loves me and what he loves about me. I have never felt so right and happy with the decision I made to marry him. I know he won't be having a huge birthday party or lots of presents or anything too special, but I want to let him know how happy he really makes me, and how much I love him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON BENJAMIN JACOBS! I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU!

our first picture together. June of 2009.

One of our last pictures together December 2009.

Seeing each other for the first time in almost 6 months. May 27, 2009.

Our surprise engagement on my birthday, July 20, 2010

First family reunion together. July 2010

Our wedding day August 21, 2010.

My smokin' hot husband. August 21, 2010. I am the luckiest<3

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

This is way over-due, but I do not want to miss writing about anyone in my family, and since I've been traveling for the holidays, that's why this is a few days late. Elizabeth (Libby) Grace Kirwan turned 7 (I think, maybe 6?) on December 23rd. I cannot believe how big she is getting and she is just such a sweetheart. Libby LOVES to give hugs. She is always so excited when I come to visit or when we see each other and she doesn't just give me one hug when I see her and one when I leave... She gives me several hugs a day. I love it. She is so smart and knows quite a bit of French. I don't get to see her often enough, but what sticks out most to me is how sweet she is to those around her and how quick she is to make me smile and give hugs. She loves Cameron too and loves to give him more hugs! Here are some pictures that I found of sweet Libby and I. Happy late Birthday Libby. I love you:)

I took a little trip to San Diego to visit the Kirwans and we walked around the University there.

This was a trip to Utah, after a long day of traveling for me... She is adorable though:)

Went to the zoo together.

When I went to visit in May of 2010.

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree:)

I cannot believe it's almost Christmas! Where in the world did this year go? I have almost been in California for a year now. Time flies. Well I have to say how proud I am of Cameron and my tree. We had a lot of fun picking out the decorations and love our big tree. We loved decorating it until 1AM too. It was so special to be decorating our first tree together and thinking of all the years to come decorating this same tree. We love to come home from work and plug in the lights right away to admire the feeling of Christmas in our little apartment. I just love, love, LOVE this time of year. Here are many pictures from our first tree decorating experience together:) Here are the many steps of our tree...
One of the many reasons I am in love with Cameron. He ALWAYS makes me laugh.

Pretty ornaments

So excited and happy.

Armpit hair? Haha. Don't mind the mess in the background. We had to empty
our storage closet.

Peeping Tom.

Almost done!

He is the light master. Haha.

Tada! Cameron with the tree..

Me with the tree.

Our self-timed photo that did not work out....


So a little late on posting this, and I really won't be putting much, but I just wanted to do a little blog entry to remember our first Thanksgiving together. My sister Miken was so kind to have us over for Thanksgiving Dinner with her family. We had dinner late around 6PM, but we went over early afternoon and played a lot of guitar hero and helped a little bit with dinner. After a delicious dinner, we ended up just spending the night. We stayed up to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, but I fell asleep after about 30 minutes. Our plan was to wake up early and do the whole Black Friday thing, but that didn't happen. Instead, we had pie in the morning for breakfast, got ready and went to laugh at the people waiting in line for Black Friday and then went to a movie at the new Blue Oaks Cinema. We saw Unstoppable and we decided that the retirement home must have let everyone out that day because Cameron and I and my sister Miken and her husband were the youngest ones in there. Cameron and I did some shopping later in the day when the crowds had died down and got some good warm clothes for when we go to Arizona for Christmas. Here are some of the pictures I have from Thanksgiving. Thank you to the Daytons for having us, it was so much fun.

Miken's beautiful cherry pie.

Cameron and I after dinner...

Happy Birthday Brad!

So I swear I posted this yesterday, but for some reason it just didn't post? When I went to check today it was not there or in my drafts or anywhere... So here we go again:)

Happy Birthday Brad! Brad is married to my sister Julianne and he is just awesome. I lived with them from January until August this year and it was always entertaining. He is the ultimate Superdad and husband and is just fun to be around in general. He makes the best steak EVER and the best smoothies. He is always the first to offer help to those in need and has a big heart.
One of my favorite memories would just have to be all the nights that Julianne, Brad, and myself had when we would stay up after the kids went to bed, hanging out and watching TV and having treats:)  I am so thankful that my sister married such an awesome guy and am thankful that I had the opportunity to get to know him better this last year. Happy Birthday Brad. You are awesome..
We were recently married on August 21, 2010 We started this blog as more of a journal for us to look back at all the good times. No matter what life brings us we are in this together and we couldn't be more happy about it. We are better together.
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