Happy Halloween!

So let's see... I am 21 now, and Cameron turns 20 in December, and yes, we went trick or treating. We wanted to stock up on candy so we don't have to buy it. Haha. Shows how cheap we are:) Well we only went to a few houses and got a lot of comments of how old we were to be trick or treating and plus I pulled a calf muscle running this weekend so I am not doing too well with walking, so we went to a few houses. We changed costume ideas several times, but just put these together last minute. I was a cowgirl, and Cameron was a lumberjack. I got some makeup and put a fake beard on him. It was fun. Here was the best picture we got..

We also dressed up on Friday for work. We both had potlucks and I went as a rockstar ( i did that last year and had a lot of the stuff still) Cameron was an "identity crisis" Unfortunately, we were late for work and didn't get a picture of his costume. He had several different outfits on, a comb-over and fohawk for his hair, and we pinned different men's names all over his clothes. Lots of fun!

Singing Time.

So as most of you know, I work for an insurance agency. My boss Dan was the chairman of Big-I Day here in Sacramento this year and there about 800-900 people in attendance this year. Since I am not an actual agent, and just a receptionist for the office I didn't know a lot of the questions people asked me at the convention. There were around 100 vendors at this event and you just walk around and learn more about their company and what they offer for the insurance world. Did I mention I got 2 HUGE bags full of free stuff! Pens, paper weights, giant letter openers (which I LOVE for the office!!)  footballs, beach balls, calculators, cell phone holders, magnets. Seriously the list goes on and on. Just a bunch of random junk that is fun for the office and I brought a lot of it home to hand out to nieces and nephews and Cameron:) At each vendor table you can put your business card in to win their prizes. People mostly had gift-cards but there were some i-pads and i-pods and tons of neat gadgets however you had to be present to win, and we didn't want to wait there for 2 more hours. Lunch was also served, they gave out a couple insurance awards, and they had a raffle for a lot of different prizes and gift cards and a political comic spoke to us which was very entertaining.
Well Dan asked me a little over a month ago if I would sing the National Anthem for Big-I Day. I was more than happy to. In this picture, you can see the person in the lower left hand corner holding my camera. I had her record it, however the button didn't get pushed down all the way so it was not recorded. Here is the only picture I have from the event... While I was at this event, Cameron was home sick. He has had the stomach flu for a couple days and I stayed home from work today with it as well... Not very fun:( Keep us in your prayers to get better and stay better...

My Workin' Man:)

Cameron's first day of work today. And me with him...

A Day Trip To The Bay Area

Cameron and I went to Oakland and San Francisco yesterday to go see a concert with some of our favorite bands. We saw Civil Twilight, Crash Kings, and Anberlin. We went to Oakland first to see the Oakland Temple which is absolutely beautiful! The grounds and view were breathtaking. We didn't get to do as much as we planned because of traffic and we left a little later than planned, but we had so much fun still, and enjoyed the city. Here are some pictures from our get away day.

Self-Timer Picture at the temple.

Waiting in line for the show to start..

Civil Twilight

Crash Kings. He played the guitar on the
 keyboard, wammy and everything. AMAZING!

Crash Kings

here is a video of Anberlin. They had these line light thingys that made
it more intense. The sound quality isn't too great, but oh well.

He's a Working Man!

He got the job! Cameron has been looking for a job since he moved to California with me. He applied for over 35 jobs and we have been dealing with nightmare after nightmare with trying to get his transfer to go through with Wal-Mart. Turns out it was a huge blessing that this job didn't go through and our prayers were answered. He got a job that pays way more than Walmart, he will be working 8-5, Monday through Friday which is perfect since I work 8:30-5. I can take him to work, and then have plenty of time to get myself to work. He will be working for ISU Francis-Pinney Insurance, doing pretty much the same thing I am doing at my job for Cummins Insurance and Valley Sierra Insurance. My boss Sallie helped get him the interview, and he got the job himself. It is an entry-level position, so he will be trained to do all this stuff, and eventually they want him to be an insurance agent down the road. He starts tomorrow and I know he will be amazing. We did some shopping for some "business casual" clothes yesterday, and DANG he looks sharp! Congrats Cameron!!
We were recently married on August 21, 2010 We started this blog as more of a journal for us to look back at all the good times. No matter what life brings us we are in this together and we couldn't be more happy about it. We are better together.
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